Jeff Cragg for State Representative

12th District

Jeff Cragg for Insurance CommissionerThanks for visiting my campaign web site. I’m Jeff Cragg and after a successful career as an insurance company executive and current small business owner, I am asking for your vote to become Delaware’s State Representative for the 12th District.

My family and I have lived in Woodbrook for 29 years, we’ve made the 12th District our home.  My wife Terry and I raised 4 children here, our 2 oldest boys Chase and Tyler are Delaware Attorneys who both live in the 12th District and are successful established lawyers.

21 years ago Terry and I purchased the Mailbox store in the Farfax Shopping Center.  Today, My Mailbox Store is one of the most sucessful stores of its kind, nationally.  We’ve been successful, because we’ve met the needs of our customers.  We’ve worked hard to meet the needs of our community, right here, in the 12th.

But I want to do more, and that includes putting my expertise and background to work for YOU and as Delaware’s 12th District Representative.

Check back often, follow us on Facebook – Jeff Cragg Politician, and on Twitter – @cragg4delaware and help me become YOUR champion in Dover, working hard to keep the 12th District as one of the best places to live in Delaware.

The 12th District is a unique place, our quality of life is great.  But the challenges before us are ever greater than before.  We face a difficult pandemic.  Our very lives have been shaken to the core by COVID.  Our families, Our Community, Our local businesses are threatened.  The decisions made in Dover will be difficult.  Schools are struggling with the paramont task of educating our children.  It’s important to ALL of us because Delaware’s largest expense as a State is the education of our children.

In addition we are struggling with issues of equality of opportunity for ALL of our citizens.  Many of our citizens are not fully able to participate in America, we can do better, and we must do better.  We can expand the quality of life we enjoy in the 12th District thoughout the State.  A safe, prosperous City of Wilmington is an asset to all of us.  We can do better, and I am committed to doing the hard work necessary to bring opportunity to all throughout Delaware.

I think I can do it. Can I count on you? Please click on the ‘JOIN’ button and sign up to help out. I look forward to seeing you around ( in accordance with proper social distancing guidelines) this great District in the coming days as I continue my campaign.

Best Regards,

Jeff Cragg